Sabino's Journey

Each year, we help more than 11,000 children; 2,500 for various medical procedures, from colds to kidney disease, and 9,000 with primary and secondary dental care. But one young person really stands out among all those we’ve helped. His name is Sabino …

Sabino was born with a form of spina bifida and when we first encountered him, at the age of 12, he could not walk. His mother, who had been his primary caregiver , had died and his new family was at a loss as to how to help him. He did not attend school and sat most days, alone, soiled in his own feces and urine.

Pro Niños was able to have Sabino fitted with leg braces, find a continuing supply of diapers, and through counseling, help the family devise a plan for Sabino’s development. With financial assistance from us, Sabino  is now brought to San Miguel twice a week for physical therapy and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Sabino is one determined young man. He now gets around on his own with the use of crutches, has a tutor, and attends school every day. What’s more, instead of shunning or teasing him, the other children at the school take huge pride in his accomplishments. As do we.

Sabino on CroachesAnd this wonderful success dstory would never have happened without the individual acts of kindness from people like you, donors to Pro Niños.

We know there are other boys and girls out there that need our help as much as Sabino, and with your generous and continued support we will find them and help them too.

A donation from you is a true act of kindness and love. It made a miraculous change in Sabino’s life. Please find it in your heart to give so that we can keep making these miracles happen in the lives of other children.

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Jose Gabriel’s Story

Jose GabrielJose Gabriel is a 10 year old boy from the community of Cañajo. In August 2012 he was diagnosed with meduloblastoma, a type of brain tumor. Through other families and community members, Jose Gabriel´s family was encouraged to come to Patronato Pro Niños for help.

The treatment and subsequent monitoring of Jose Gabriel´s condition was mostly covered by Seguro Popular under their catastrophic funding program. But in order to undergo the surgery, the chemo therapy and radiation treatments and subsequent follow-up appointments, it was necessary for Jose Gabriel and his family to make frequent trips to and from the Hospital Regional de Altas Especialidades in Leon.

Patronato Pro Niños was happy to support the family by covering the costs of medical visits to Leon, for which Jose’s father is most thankful!  Jose Gabriel last treatment was in May, 2014 and now he only needs to be seen every 3 – 4 months for monitoring.

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Jesus Manuel’s Tale

Jesus ManuelA healthy-looking six year old boy named Jesus Manuel first came to Patronato Pro Niños when he was only eight months old.

Jesus was a Christmas Eve baby -- and the second child born to his parents. Unfortunately, his first sibling did not live past his first year of life. His father says that when Jesus was only 15 days old he began to vomit whenever he ate or drank anything. For the first 18 months of his life Jesus was in and out of the hospital with a diagnosis of acid reflux, but his vomiting never ceased.  At the age of 15 months, Jesus weighed only 6 kilos (13.2 pounds).

A member of the Patronato Pro Niños staff recommended the Instituto Nacional de Pediatria in Mexico City which was finally able to diagnose and successfully treat Jesus for nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, a form of diabetes insipidus that is primarily due to kidney failure. Patronato Pro Niños provided the family with funds for transportation, medication, and therapy support. And now at six years old, Jesus only has to return to that hospital 2-3 times a year for check-ups.

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About Maria de los Angeles

Maria de los AngelesFour years ago the family of Maria de los Angeles came to Patronato Pro Niños seeking assistance for the dialysis bags Maria needed for her kidney condition.

Then due to a worsening of her condition, Maria was switched to hemodialysis which required visits to Leon three times a week. This placed a huge financial burden on the family, so transportation support in the form of gas vouchers were provided by Patronato Pro Niños to allow the family to keep all her much needed appointments. Finally in 2013, Maria was chosen as a transplant recipient.

The surgery was performed at the Regional Specialty Hospital in Leon, which is part of the network of medical services covered by Seguro Popular.

When we asked Maria’s father if he had anything he’d like to say to us, he said, “Nos abrazamos del Patronato…” because at one point Patronato Pro Niños was the only one who offered them the help they needed.

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On behalf of all of them, Patronato Pro Niños thanks you.