Patronato Pro Niños

What we do

Our activities fall into three major categories: Medical Programs, Dental Programs, and Prevention Programs.

Medical Program

Medical Program

Since 2014, Pro Nino has used Radio San Miguel to inform the community of the services we provide and how to get the help children need.  We also let listeners know where the dental units will be on any given day.  Children who come to our clinic in San Miguel receive the medical and dental attention they require and in some cases are referred to outside medical providers. If needed, the family is given the financial support necessary for the child to receive care, along with medicines, consultations, surgeries, etc.


Dental ProgramDental Program

We have three mobile dental units to provide dental care to children in the more than 350 communities that comprise the municipality of San Miguel. We also provide a free toothbrush and toothpaste to the children who receive treatments to promote and maintain dental hygiene at home.
A small fee of $10 pesos is charged for each treatment to promote family engagement and responsibility.  If families cannot afford this the fee is waived. 


Prevention ProgramPrevention Program

Our Prevention program focuses on teaching children -- and their parents -- the importance and proper method of hand washing; how to control the spread of germs when sneezing; and importance of oral hygiene and maintaining good teeth.
We do this through an ongoing campaign of comic books and poster distribution to our patients.